My favorite month

August is my favorite month of the year. Here in Oregon, it usually brings the best weather. My birthday falls in August. And aren’t birthdays affirming and empowering? I always feel most creative, most connected in August.

This August, I feel full of joy and passion for Animal Reiki. There is a little dachshund I have been working with who has an auto-immune disease that causes a great deal of pain. With just a few sessions, he is feeling fabulous and his owner reports that he is even playful again. I am filled with gratitude that I have been part of his healing and I am honored to watch as the owners get their dog back, and that he feels well enough to be their dog again. It’s a moving and touching experience and I appreciate so much that I have this as part of my human experience.

I sincerely hope that each of you finds your creativity expressed and your connections strengthen, throughout August, as well as the rest of the year and all the days and months and years to come. It is an honor to be part of your journey, and I am pleased to offer services that can be of great assistance along your path. Please do not hesitate to contact me so we can arrange a time to inform, inspire, and grow together.

Happy summer, everyone!

Hugs & love, Jen